Travel FAQs

This page serves as our attempt to answer the most common “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding the newly implemented Travel Policy for Haverhill Youth Soccer.

Why the change?

Prior to April 2018 there was no written policy. We realized a formal policy was important in order to assure fairness, transparency and continuity within the Travel program.

What is the fee for the upcoming season?

The fee for the 2018/19 season is $190.00 and covers both the fall and spring.

Why was the fee increased?

Previous fees have not equaled the total cost per player. We plan to gradually increase the fee over the next few years until the Travel program covers its operating expenses.

What do the fees cover?

Registration fees cover the cost of expenses incurred by HYS related to field usage, insurance, league fees, coaching education and team equipment.

What is the cost of a uniform?

New player kits cost $50.00 and include a game jersey, shorts, socks and a practice shirt. Additional or replacement uniform pieces may be purchased on an as-needed basis.

Why are you “cutting” players?

We do not want to deny any player of the option to compete at the Travel level. A team cannot exist without a coach, however, so the number of teams in each age group and gender cannot exceed the number of volunteers who commit to coaching each season.

What is included on the Travel Coach Application?

This application was created to streamline the process of soliciting volunteers. It is an online form consisting of basic questions that can be completed in just a few minutes.

What is the new evaluation process?

HYS coaches, led by members of Mass Youth Soccer's Technical Department, will be selected to assess players in game formats. These evaluators will work together to create groups of players of similar abilities to form teams.

What happens to players not placed on a Travel team?

They have the opportunity to play in our In-Town program ($80.00 per season) and families will be reimbursed for the initial difference ($110.00),


If their parents choose not to have them play in our In-Town program, families will be reimbursed for the full amount ($190.00).