Coaching Education

Haverhill Youth Soccer is committed to educating our volunteer coaches through sponsored instructional programs.

US Soccer Grassroots Coaching Pathway

US Soccer offers an Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module to help coaches learn more about the Federation's approach at the grassroots level, including key terms and concepts that you will be exposed to throughout your coaching pathway progression. This cost-free introduction will provide you with information, resources and first-hand experience as to how the grassroots courses will function. The module is also an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the electronic learning portal through which the online courses will be delivered, the US Soccer Learning Center.

We ask that all coaches complete the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module to familiarize yourself with the grassroots approach on how to teach children to learn and love the game. Once you have completed this module, please consider progressing to any of the eight Grassroots Courses, which consist of Online and In-Person Courses that focus on the four grassroots game models: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. The game models are defined in US Soccer’s Player Development Initiatives.

The four, two-hour Online Grassroots License Courses are offered by US Soccer through the Learning Center, while the In-Person Courses are organized and run by Mass Youth Soccer. The In-Person Courses take place over four hours with two hours dedicated to classroom learning and two hours dedicated to coaching on the field. This easy access, low barrier approach to the foundation of the Coaching Education Pathway empowers you with an education relevant to your specific coaching needs.

Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer

Get aHEAD Safely in Soccer is an interactive online course developed by United Soccer Coaches to educate coaches on how to teach safer heading techniques for players ages 11-13. This 30-minute course is free and available to anyone and everyone interested in heading safety. Course participants will:

  • Discover 5 practical ways to decrease the risk of concussions in soccer.

  • Learn key coaching points for proper heading technique and training drills.

  • Understand the techniques for the correct practice of “attacking” and “defensive” headers.

  • Explore a series of interactive videos for neck and core strengthening exercises.

  • Increase player safety by understanding head impact sensor technology and how it can be used to validate and enforce proper heading technique.

  • Receive a United Soccer Coaches Diploma awarded upon completion.

We ask that all 11v11 coaches complete this course to learn how to teach safer heading techniques.