Travel Director: David Lefcourt


Intertown program for Grades 3 to 8.

Our Travel program is designed to offer players with competitive opportunities to develop the necessary abilities to play at the next highest level. We recognize that many coaches, players, and parents value competitive play, however, to assure proper player development our Travel coaches follow the developmental philosophy and methodologies set forth by US Soccer. No matter the level of competition, we promote development by challenging players to think independently and play good soccer.

The program's main goal is to field teams to compete in various divisions within the Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA). Grade 4 divisions are strictly recreational with no playoff system, but these teams may participate in a friendly jamboree each spring. Grade 6 and Grade 8 divisions do have a playoff system in the spring where winning does mean something, but our coaches are expected to reinforce player development no matter what the outcome of the match.

We ask that you review our Travel Policy adopted to assure fairness, transparency and continuity with this program. We hope you will also take a moment to review the Player Development Initiatives to learn more about the development philosophy and playing standards set forth by US Soccer for the playing formats used by this program.


Travel seasons consist of a combined eight matches played in the fall and another eight matches played in the spring. Fall matches are scheduled from September to November with a break for Columbus Day. Spring matches are scheduled from April to June with a break for Memorial Day. The start and end of each season is set by ECYSA.

Fall 2019

Season starts on September 7th.

Grade Groups

Travel teams are formed by gender and dual grade as set by ECYSA. Please refer to ECYSA Operational Rules for details of exceptions.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Grade 4: 4th Grade or Lower AND Born On or After 1/1/2009

Grade 6: 6th Grade or Lower AND Born On or After 1/1/2007

Grade 8: 8th Grade or Lower AND Born On or After 1/1/2005


Travel matches are scheduled by ECYSA and can be found on its website.


Travel players must have the following to participate in training sessions and matches:

  • Uniform - Listed as “Travel Kit Bundle” through our online store.

    • Includes player jerseys, shorts and socks.

  • Shin guards - Mandatory for safety.

  • Footwear - Soccer cleats are recommended to avoid bad spills. However, shoes with toe cleats (baseball) are not allowed.

  • Soccer ball - Size 4 for Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6, Size 5 for Grade 7/8.

  • Sports bottle - Players should bring plenty of fluids with them.