The Executive Committee oversees operations of the Board. This committee may act on behalf of the Board during on-demand activities that occur between meetings, and these acts are later presented for full Board review. The Executive Committee ensures effective board processes, structures and roles, including committee development, board evaluation, and recruitment, orientation and training of Board members.

Chair: David Lefcourt (President)

Members: Evan Barman (Vice President), Marcel Philippe (Secretary) and Justin Walters (Treasurer)


The Travel Committee reviews the Travel program and makes recommendations to the Board. The goals of this committee are to insulate the Board from claims of conflict of interest and to unburden the Board from problems and conflicts unique to this area. The Travel Committee is not autonomous; the Board has the final say over the operation and management of the program.

Co-Chairs: David Lefcourt (Travel Director) and Melissa Dalphin (Director of Soccer Development)

Members: Kyle Brownrigg and Jorge Goncalves