Field Usage

Haverhill Youth Soccer has adopted the following guidelines to foster a good working relationship with the City of Haverhill, which controls the use and maintenance of fields, and help protect our soccer fields from long-term damage.

  • Fields may only be used as permitted by the City of Haverhill.

  • Coaches will be notified at the start of each season when each field is available.

  • Coaches are asked to use the field assigned to their team for training sessions.

  • City permits prohibit tobacco use and dogs at all fields.

  • A list of fields and their status will be available on the HYS website.

Even if a field is listed as "OPEN" on the HYS website, play shall not commence, or continue, on a field if:

  1. The field has been closed by the City of Haverhill.

  2. The field has been closed by the Director of Fields.

  3. The field has standing water on it.

  4. The field is saturated with water.

  5. By playing on the field, the players are, or would be, damaging the field beyond normal wear and tear (i.e. tearing up the turf, creating muddy areas, etc.).

Updated April 18, 2018